Cub Scout Pack 2880

Cub Scout Pack 2880

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(Last revised September 1, 2010)

The Leaders of Cub Scout Pack 2880 have developed the following Bylaws to govern the operation of our Pack. We endeavor to provide a quality Scouting program that will benefit all who are involved. We pledge to conduct this program within the guidelines and policies of the Boy Scouts of America, the Heart of Virginia Council of the BSA and Beulah United Methodist Church, our sponsor.

We hope you will join us in the journey of Cub Scouts!

Sincerely, Yours in Scouting,

Dean R. Sasek Robert Sizemore

Committee Chair Cubmaster

Cub Scout Pack 2880

Beulah United Methodist Church



Cub Scout Pack 2880 (“Pack”) was chartered by Beulah United Methodist Church (“BUMC”) in 1957. We are part of the Arrohattoc District (“District”) of the Heart of Virginia Council (“Council”) of the Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”). The Pack exists to promote the Scouting Program and is for the benefit of our scouts, scout families, Pack Leaders and the community. The Pack is governed by the policies of the BSA, the Pack Bylaws, BUMC and operated by a Committee and Leaders.


The Committee and Leaders (“Leaders”) have established Bylaws that govern the operation of the Pack. The Bylaws are available through the pack website. If a Leader or a scouting family does not have access to the internet, a paper copy shall be made available by the Pack. The last page is a form acknowledging the Bylaws have been read and will be adhered to. This form must be signed by every Leader, scout and adult partner and returned to the Pack before participation will be allowed.


A quality Scouting Program will be provided by the Pack in accordance with BSA policy and the desires, abilities and volunteering of the Leaders, adult partners and scouts. Scouting is well known for helping boys develop into fine young men. It is a very carefully and safely run program that will benefit the scouts, the scouting families and Leaders.

The Scouting Program will be fun, productive and meaningful. It will consist of weekly Den meetings, monthly Pack meetings, Den and Pack outings, events, banquets, fundraisers, civic service projects, camping trips and other activities.


Any boy who is in the first through fifth grade or age’s 6 to10 years may join Cub Scouts. Adult partners will also be recruited to help the Pack. Recruitment is primarily done at Join Scouting Nights in September which is the beginning of the Scouting year. However, a boy can join at anytime to begin his Scouting adventure.


A Cub Scout Pack is divided into five Dens. The five Dens, starting with the youngest group, are: Tiger Cubs, Wolves, Bears, Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts. Every Den is run by a Den Leader who is an adult volunteer.


Tiger Cubs: This is the entry level into the Pack, open to boys in the 1st grade. The Den Leader works with the Cubmaster and adult partners to provide an interesting, exciting, and fun program for the new Scouts. Scouts will learn the basics of Scouting and begin working on Scouting achievements. Some of the achievements are done at home with adult partner supervision. Tiger Cubs earn their Tiger badge when they have completed the requirements. The Tiger book is followed and explains the program in detail.

Wolves: This is open to boys in the 2nd grade. As in the Tiger Den, Scouts work on achievements that lead to earning their Wolf badge. The activities in Wolves are more advanced than Tigers as the scouts are growing and learning. Some of the achievements are done at home with adult partner supervision. The Wolf book is followed and explains the program in detail.

Bears: This is the third rank in Cub Scouting, open to 3rd grade boys. Achievements are more difficult than those for Wolves; however, they follow a similar format. The Bear book is followed and explains the program in detail.

Webelos: This is the fourth rank in Cub Scouting and is open to 4th grade boys. This program is geared to help the Webelos earn his Webelos Badge and prepare him for being an Arrow of Light Scout and beginning to prepare him for Boy Scouts. The Webelos book is followed and explains the program in detail.

Arrow of Light Scout: This is the fifth and final rank in Cub Scouting and is open to 5th grade boys. The scout will earn his Arrow of Light which is the highest award in Cub Scouting. This program will further prepare a scout for the transition to Boy Scouts.


The Den Leaders are the first and most important link between the scouts and their adult partners and the Scouting program. Den Leaders carry out the Pack’s Scouting Program, work with the Cubmaster and other Leaders, plan and conduct Den meetings and assist the scouts in earning their badges. They must develop a positive relationship with the adult partners and involve them in Den activities. The Den Leader keeps accurate records of the scouts’ attendance and advancements.

Webelos and Arrow of Light Den Leaders must also work with the local Boy Scout Troops to ease the transition into the Boy Scouts.


The adult partners are an integral part of the Cub Scout experience. Adult partners must be 21 years of age and be related to the scout. Adult partners will be recruited when a boy is registering with the Pack to help with events, serve as Leaders and help with Pack activities. If there is not enough support from the adult partners, the Pack will not be able to provide a quality Scouting Program. Adult partners should become familiar with their scout’s handbook and assist him in working on his advancements.

Adult partners are responsible for transporting their scout to and from the Den meetings, Pack meetings and some events. It is the policy of BUMC that all scouts are escorted into the church by their adult partner for any Cub Scout meeting or event. The adult partner must also come into the church to pick up a scout after a meeting or event. This is for the safety of the scouts.

An adult partner must attend Pack meetings, or arrange for another adult family member to attend, with their scout. It is required by BSA policy that the adult partner be with a Tiger Cub at all times. The Pack does not provide transportation or childcare services.

Adult partners are ultimately responsible for their scout’s conduct at all scout meetings and events. Adult partners may be contacted if a scout is not conducting himself in a proper manner or adult partners may be asked to accompany their scout to meetings and events if there are continuing conduct issues.

By signing your boy up for Cub Scouts, you are making a commitment to him and to the Pack. You are agreeing to volunteer your time and services to your scout and the Pack to help them prosper. Everyone has something to contribute and you will be asked to become a sustaining force and friend of Scouting.


The 2010 annual BSA registration fee for a scout is $15.00. Council charges an annual fee of $2.00 for insurance. These fees are paid to Council.

Boys Life is an excellent monthly magazine geared towards boys and Scouting. The annual subscription price for Boys Life magazine is $12.00 which we recommend purchasing, however it is optional. This cost is paid to Council.

Annual dues for Pack 2880 are $30.00 per scout. This is paid to the Pack.

The annual BSA registration fee for a Leader is $15.00. Council charges an annual fee of $2.00 for insurance. Leaders’ fees are currently paid by the Pack.

Some fees are prorated to the end of the calendar year.

BSA fees for the current year for new scouts are due at registration.

Pack dues and 2011 BSA fees are due from new scouts and returning scouts at the September Pack Meeting (September 28, 2010). Scouts can not participate in Scouting activities after the September Pack Meeting until all fees and dues have been paid.


Dens may on occasion charge a special Den due or fee to support a special activity.


The Pack’s financial commitments are met through Pack fundraising activities and Pack dues. Please see the Fundraiser section of the Bylaws to see what is required of all Leaders, scouts and adult partners in regards to fundraising.


Each scout must have a regulation uniform shirt (new or used) and insignias and patches, hat, neckerchief, neckerchief slide and belt. Any solid color pants or jeans (not sweat pants) or shorts may be worn as long as they are clean and not ripped. All insignias and patches must be attached in the proper locations on the uniform as shown in the Cub Scout Handbook. Cub Scouts must be in full uniform for all Den meetings, Pack meetings and events unless otherwise stated. Uniforms are to be clean, neat and shirt tails tucked in. Scouts may not wear their uniform to sell anything unless it is a Council approved fundraiser.

The current cost of a new uniform is approximately $70.00. Each scout must also provide his own scout rank handbook which is approximately $7.00.

Periodic uniform inspections will be held. Scouts not in proper uniform will be counseled as to the need to always wear their uniform. Leaders will also discuss uniform issues with adult partners.

Adult partners are encouraged to wear an approved Scouting shirt to show their support.


No boy should be unable to participate in Scouting for financial reasons. Financial assistance for any scout’s needs will be considered by the Pack and Council on a case by case basis. Please contact the Cubmaster or Committee Chairperson for information regarding financial assistance. Any request made will be reviewed and kept completely confidential.


All scouts shall conduct themselves in a proper manner at all scouting events. They should be on time and attend all Den and Pack meetings and events unless they have a valid excuse. All advancement requirements must be met before the scout can advance to the next rank. Each scout is encouraged to complete the requirements for the religious award of his faith.

Leaders, adult partners, families and guests are also expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner at scout meetings and events. Please be respectful and courteous of others at all times and especially during another scout’s time of recognition.


Pack 2880 Den meetings are held on Tuesday nights. Typically, Dens will consist of 3 to 8 scouts. Den meetings are held at BUMC typically 3 times per month on Tuesday nights from 7:00 – 8:00 pm during the school year (September – May). The Pack will conduct a summer program that will have a minimum of one event per month in June, July and August. Two adults (21 years or older), one of which must be a registered Leader and have BSA Youth Protection Training, must be present at all Den meetings. If the two adults are married another adult must be present.

The major purposes of Den meetings are:

Den Leaders are encouraged to substitute Den outings for regular Den meetings.

Adult partners are encouraged to attend Den meetings and outings to observe and help out. If you have a particular skill that might benefit the Pack, please share this with the Den Leaders. Please don’t wait to be asked!

The Den Leaders are giving their time to the scouts and the scouts are expected to respect and be appreciative of their Leaders and contribute to the Den and the Pack. Scouts are expected to complete the tasks assigned to them by their Den Leader. A scout should arrive about 5 minutes before the start of each meeting and be picked up within 5 minutes of the conclusion of each meeting. If a scout is unable to attend a meeting, the Den Leader should be notified in advance.

The Den Leaders will conduct meetings according to BSA guidelines, the Pack Bylaws and the Pack’s approved Scouting Program. Adult partners should encourage their scout to actively participate and must help with their scout’s advancement requirements.

All Dens will participate in Pack meetings, flag ceremonies, skits, songs, and presentations.


Outings are designed as Den or Pack activities that provide special opportunities or fulfill requirements as part of a quality Scouting Program. Any activity held away from BUMC requires a BSA Tour Permit. BSA Tour Permit guidelines must be followed. The Tour Permit is to be filled out by the Tour Leader and signed by the Tour Leader, Pack Trainer and a Committee member and submitted to Council for approval.

Two adults (21 years or older), one of which must be a registered Leader and have BSA Youth Protection Training, must go on all outings. If the two adults are married another adult must also be present. If a vehicle is used by an adult partner to transport a scout other than their scout on an approved outing, the second page of the Tour Permit must also be filled out. Drivers must be properly licensed and scouts must be transported in vehicles with insurance coverage meeting the requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Leaders, scouts and adult partners must be properly restrained in the vehicle as required by law. All scouts must wear a seat belt or be restrained in an approved child seat or booster seat as required by law. The two deep leadership rule must be met. Uniforms must be worn on all outings unless otherwise specified by the Leader in charge.

BSA policy regarding the presence of CPR trained Leaders will be followed.


Pack meetings are held once per month at BUMC typically on the last Tuesday of the month from 7:00 – 8:00 pm during the school year (September – May). This is a time for all the Dens to come together and display and demonstrate their skills, projects, and achievements. Scouts receive their awards in front of their peers and adult partners, families and guests. It is a time of recognition and for all to see how the scouts are progressing. It is also a time to have fun and get acquainted with the others. Information regarding meetings, events and news is distributed to scout families at Pack meetings


Civic service is a part of Scouting. All Leaders, scouts and adult partners are expected to participate in BSA and Pack civic service events.


Pack 2880 relies on fundraisers to raise money to fund the activities and supplies that support the Pack’s Scouting Program including badges, awards, trophies, outings, events, etc. The Pack’s main fundraising efforts are the selling of BSA popcorn in the fall and candy bars in the spring. These quality products are sold individually by the scouts and their families and also at Pack booth sales. We will hold at least two booth sales at a local large retail establishment for each fundraiser. All Leaders, scouts and adult partners are required to participate in the Pack’s fundraisers and do their share.

The top fundraising scouts will receive awards and special recognition.

The Pack’s 2009 – 2010 annual budget is based upon each scout paying his Pack dues plus generating $95.00 in profit from fundraisers. This amount can be earned through individual sales and participation at booth sales. If a scout does not sell enough individually or earn enough credit from participating in booth sales to meet this obligation, the scout’s adult partner must pay the difference to the Pack.

Attendance at a booth sale will earn a scout fundraising credit. Every scout attending a booth sale will be credited a portion of the sales based on how long he participated and how many scouts attended.

For example, a popcorn booth sale last four hours and generates $800 in sales which gives the Pack a profit of $240 (30% profit on popcorn sales). If there were 16 scouts that stayed for 1 hour each, that means there were 16 scout hours in total. Therefore, $240 divided by 16 scout hours is equal to $15 profit per scout hour and the scout would receive credit for $15. A scout staying 2 hours would earn a $30 credit towards his fundraising obligation.

Fundraisers, other than BSA Popcorn, require an approved Council fundraiser permit.

The Scouting Program will be adjusted up or down in accordance with the financial abilities of the Pack.


Friends of Scouting (FOS) is the national charitable foundation that funds approximately 40% of the Council’s budget. Leaders, scouts, adult partners and scout families are asked to contribute to FOS which helps fund and maintain the Council’s facilities, services and Scouting Program. FOS also helps fund any financial support provided to our Pack by Council. FOS is presented as part of the annual Blue and Gold Banquet which is held in February.


Rechartering is the annual process that allows the Pack to continue in existence and registers everyone in the Pack with BSA. Pack 2880 must submit its rechartering documents and fees to Council by the first Thursday of November. 2011 BSA fees are due from new scouts and returning scouts at the September Pack Meeting (September 28, 2010).


All Leaders, scouts and adult partners participating in Pack activities must complete and submit Parts A and C of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (BSA policy). A Leader, scout or adult partner will not be allowed to participate until the medical form has been received. If any information changes during the scouting year, please update the information provided to the Pack as soon as possible to keep our records up to date.


As part of a quality Scouting Program, the Pack will hold many events. The schedule of events is shown in the Pack calendar and detailed information is available for these events. In addition to Den and Pack events there are many other very worthwhile scouting events held by the District and Council. Some of the events are:

Ice cream parties Camping Trips Swim party

Cub Day Camp Pinewood Derby Raingutter Regatta

Annual Popcorn Sale Blue and Gold Banquet Space Derby

Family Fishing Day Scouting for Food Cub Adventure Camp

Holiday Banquet Friends of Scouting Pizza parties

Arrow of Light Ceremony Badge Ceremony Scout Sunday

Campfires Cub Fun with Son Camp Easter Project

Memorial Day project Crossover Ceremony Safety Day Fair


The Committee is composed of the people and positions necessary to provide the proper oversight and resources necessary to support the Pack’s quality Scouting Program. It is the responsibility of the Committee to review and provide the resources necessary to support the Scouting Program proposed by the Cubmaster. This insures a quality and appropriate program is provided in accordance with BSA guidelines and Pack desires. Committee positions must be approved by the Chartered Organization Representative (COR) and accepted by Council.

The monthly Leaders Meetings are joint meetings of the Committee and the Leaders held to conduct the business of the Pack. All Committee Members, except the Cubmaster, have voting rights (BSA policy). The Scouting Program is submitted by the Cubmaster to the Committee for consideration and funding.

A quorum is necessary in order for the Committee to take official action on an item. The presence of four (4) voting members of the Committee is required for a quorum. A majority of 75% or greater of the Committee Members present is required to approve an action.

A Committee vote is required for all Pack expenditures. The Committee may revise the Bylaws as deemed necessary.

The current Committee is:

Chairperson: Dean Sasek

Treasurer: Faith Kennedy

Advancement: Amanda Sizemore

Pack Trainer: Randy Wells

Cubmaster: Robert Sizemore

COR: Randy Ramey

Unit Commissioner: Marian Fletcher


Leaders are the people and positions necessary to carry out a quality Scouting Program. It is the responsibility of the Cubmaster and Den Leaders to develop, propose, and implement a quality Scouting Program in accordance with BSA policy and the desires of the Pack. Leader positions must be reviewed and recommended by the Committee and approved by the Charter Organization Representative (COR) and accepted by Council.

The current Leaders are:

Cubmaster: Robert Sizemore

Assistant Cubmaster: John Kennedy

Arrow of Light Den Leader:

Webelos Den Leader: Randy Wells

Bears Den Leader:

Wolves Den Leader: Michael Crouch

Tiger Den Leader:


The Leaders Meetings are held once a month at BUMC beginning at 6:30 pm in Room 249 on the Friday after Roundtable. The Committee Meetings are held after conclusion of the Leaders Meetings and usually end by 8:00 pm. All Committee Members and Leaders should attend. These meetings are open to anyone affiliated with the Pack. Pack activities are discussed at this meeting and all input is welcome and vital in helping our Pack prosper.


An annual Pack Planning meeting is held as part of the July Leaders Meeting to finalize the Pack’s calendar and budget for the coming year. This calendar sets out the Pack, District and Council meetings and events for the coming year and is filed with the COR and Pack’s Unit Commissioner. The Pack calendar is available on the Pack website.


Roundtable is a monthly meeting for the District where Scouting information is distributed. There are also specific Den and special interest presentations. As a member of the District and Council, Pack 2880 is obligated to have representation at all District Roundtable Meetings. Generally, the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Committee Chairperson, and/or Pack Trainer attend these meetings; however, all Leaders are invited and encouraged to attend. Roundtable is held the first Thursday of every month, except for July.


All Leaders must complete Youth Protection Training and the BSA and Council training required for their position. Newly approved, but untrained Leaders, must register and complete training at the earliest opportunity.


Registration, training, and event fees for Leaders may or may not be paid for by the Pack, depending on Pack finances.


Alcohol is prohibited at all Scouting events. Tobacco may be used only in designated areas that are not in view of any scout.


All Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Committee Chairperson, and Pack Trainer are required to obtain a regulation Class A uniform shirt or blouse (new or used). Leaders must be in full uniform for all Den meetings, Pack meetings and events unless otherwise stated. Other Leaders are encouraged to wear a uniform or other approved scouting shirt to show their support.


Permission for a scout to participate in Pack events and for his picture to be displayed on the Pack Website is part of the “ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF BYLAWS” page which is the last page of the Bylaws. This acknowledgement must be signed and submitted to the Pack before any participation can be allowed. If an adult partner does not wish their scout’s picture to be displayed on the website, please mark out this part of the acknowledgement and initial beside the mark-out. Permission slips for special events may be separately required.


The Pack maintains a website to show off our Pack and to provide information to our scouting families and friends. The Pack website will not display any personal information of any Leader, scout or adult partner.

The Pack’s website address is:


All prospective leaders will undergo a background check by Council to insure there are no matters that would affect the safety of our scouts.


In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary to cancel an event or meeting. Den Leaders will contact each adult partner using the contact information provided to advise of the cancellation. The Pack will follow Council’s policy that meetings are not held when Chesterfield County schools are closed due to inclement weather.


While we hope that there will not be any problems with a Leader, if there is, a scout and/or his adult partner should discuss the problem with the next higher person in the chain of command of the Pack. The chain of command of the Pack starts with the Den Leader and goes through the Cubmaster, Committee Chair, the COR, the Unit Commissioner and the District Executive.

Randy Ramey – Charter Organization Representative (COR)

Marian Fletcher – Unit Commissioner

To be appointed – District Executive

The Pack promises to provide a quality Scouting program that will help your scout grow to be a fine young man. He will earn and be proud of his accomplishments and we will be proud of him. We hope you join us!

Cub Scout Pack 2880

Beulah United Methodist Church




Please sign and return this form to your Den Leader, Cubmaster, or Committee Chairperson after you have read the Pack 2880 Bylaws.


I have read, and will observe at all times when Scouting, the Bylaws of Pack 2880.  I hereby give permission for my scout to participate in all Pack events and for his photograph to be displayed on the Pack website.





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